Pediatric Fellowships

IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship

To build future leaders in pediatric simulation

Mission & Vision

The International Pediatric Simulation Society (IPSS) promotes multi-disciplinary simulation in all healthcare subspecialties that treat infants and children. IPSS is a global community of pediatricians, neonatologists, pediatric nurses, educators, and other allied health professionals from over 30 countries, all dedicated to improving the care of infants and children worldwide through multi-disciplinary simulation-based education, training, and research. We strive to bring the knowledge and skills we have gained to the widest possible audience. The International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Research (INSPIRE) has the mission to improve the delivery of medical care to acutely ill children by answering important research questions pertaining to resuscitation, technical skills, behavioral skills, debriefing and simulation-based education. IPSS and INSPIRE created the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship to support investigators in their simulation career, exposing them to simulation related experiences and mentorship to broaden horizons, and promote excellence in education and investigative research.


The IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellow is based at a home institution where most of their simulation activities are conducted and the fellow will have a primary simulation mentor at the home institution. After an individual has been accepted into the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship, an IPSS or INSPIRE mentor will be identified to expand and enrich the learning experience. The fellow will continue to have a local mentor overseeing the fellow’s progress and ensuring that the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation fellowship is enhancing the learning experience. The fellow will submit a full submission including the motivational statement, research proposal, as well as an individualized development plan to the IPSS education committee for review and approval. The project idea will be presented at an IPSSW meeting in the form of an initial ALERT presentation during the INSPIRE meeting and this marks the start of the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship. ALERT presentations are brief 5-minute presentations followed by a round table discussion that serves as a platform to network as well as an opportunity to receive high quality feedback from simulation leaders on the project before launching it. The fellow will submit a brief project progress report and fellowship related activity update during a Board of Director meeting quarterly. The fellowship duration is one year and will be concluded with a research presentation at the following IPSSW meeting.

As part of the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Simulation Fellowship, the fellows will meet bi-monthly using an online meeting platform for networking and to exchange experiences. Over the course of the fellowship each simulation fellow will present Journal club presentation during a teleconference. In addition they are expected to develop and deliver two 40 minute webinars on simulation-related topic and chair a 20 minute question and discussion session following the webinar.

How to Apply

Fellow Application and Approval Process

  1. Submit application via online portal on IPSS website / INSPIRE website
  2. Education committee will screen the submissions
  3. If submission promising, will forward it to the research committee to review the project proposal
  4. Education committee approves the applicant acceptance
  5. The application approval process will take a maximum of 8 weeks
  6. Applications are accepted year-round with a deadline for the upcoming year being April 12th of the year the fellow is intending to start. The beginning of the fellowship will always at the annual IPSSW meeting

Application Documents

  1. Motivation Statement
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Project Proposal
  4. Individualized Development Plan (IDP) (to be completed if accepted)
  5. Mentorship Agreement (to be completed if accepted)


*Application deadline is 12 April, 2019


There is no application/course fee attached to the IPSS-INSPIRE Pediatric Fellowship and in order to support fellows to present their work at IPSSW meetings, IPSS will provide free registration for attendance of 2 successive IPSSW meetings during the fellowship. There will be no additional financial support from IPSS or INSPIRE. All accommodation and travel costs will be the responsibility of the individual or their host institution.


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