Multi-Disciplinary Simulation-Based Education

IPSS promotes and supports multi-disciplinary, simulation-based education,
training and research among all pediatric subspecialties.

The International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops – IPSSW2019

Our annual meeting – IPSSW – is the worlds largest meeting dedicated exclusively to pediatric and perinatal simulation, bringing together clinical care leaders in the field of pediatric simulation with educators, researchers, and patient safety experts. We gather as professionals from around the globe to support and facilitate the improvement of pediatric healthcare through simulation.

IPSSW provides us the opportunity to expand ideas, broaden horizons, and promote excellence in education and investigative research. As a global organization, we welcome all healthcare professionals who care for children and infants, regardless of where you practice.

We are the International Pediatric Simulation Society

IPSS is a global community of pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric nurses, educators, and other allied health professionals from over 30 countries, all dedicated to improving the care of infants and children worldwide through multi-disciplinary, simulation-based education, training, and research in pediatric simulation.

We strive to bring the knowledge and skills we have gained to the widest possible audience, and welcome all healthcare professionals who care for children and infants regardless of where you practice, for we truly are IPSS Global.

Since our first meeting in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008, membership to the International Pediatric Simulation Society has grown to span the globe.

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Join IPSS’s Global Member Community

The IPSS member community contributes to a global voice supporting continued research, training and implementation of simulation-based pediatric care.

Members help support our mission and our annual meetings – the International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops, known as IPSSW. Your membership to IPSS demonstrates strong representation for our field, which enhances sponsorship and other means of support for our society.

Other benefits of IPSS membership includes:

  • Exclusive member discounts on IPSSW
  • Online member portal
  • Members-only media
  • Leadership opportunities

Member News

Call for Nominations for IPSS President-Elect and Board of Directors Positions

IPSS is now seeking experienced and dedicated individuals who share a passion for pediatric simulation on an international level, with a willingness to share time and talent to help further guide the society and carry out its mission.

The following positions are up for election/re-election:

IPSS President-Elect
Board of Directors x 5
Trainee Positions x 2

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Publications in Pediatric Simulation for November 2018

We collect the titles of the most current publications on pediatric simulation from both the PubMed and CINAHL indexing systems and present them here for the benefit of the simulation community. Check back every month to see what’s been published in the field.

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For information about becoming an IPSS Affiliate Organization, sponsorship opportunities or exhibiting at IPSSW2019 in Toronto, CA, 20-22 May, contact us at


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