Mark Volk

Member, Board of Directors
Mark Volk, MD

About Mark Volk

am a pediatric otolaryngologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Since my first encounter with medical simulation in 2006 I have been excited about using simulation as a tool in surgical education. Over the past eight years I have had the experience in developing and leading simulation courses for residents, fellows and attending surgeons. These courses have varied between simple skills training sessions to in situ simulation in the operating room. They have drawn both local and regional participants.

The international nature of IPSS makes it a perfect vehicle for collaborative participation between simulator programs. This puts IPSS in the unique position of promoting cooperative activities in such areas as 1) Utilizing simulation to support medical education in underdeveloped environments, 2) developing cooperative funding sources for simulation, 3) fostering faculty development initiatives, and 4) encouraging the development of more sophisticated pediatric specific manikins and trainers. Many of these initiatives are part of projects that are currently on-going within IPSS. In the past, most of the emphasis in pediatric simulation has appropriately been on the medical application of simulation. Developing these projects from a surgical standpoint has been less emphasized. As a pediatric surgical specialist, I believe I will contribute to these and other IPSS programs by providing a surgical perspective.


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