Michael Shepherd

Past President
Michael Shepherd, MBBS

About Michael Shepherd

I am a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist from Auckland, New Zealand. I am the director of a medium sized pediatric emergency department. Over the last 4 years I have helped lead the development of a multidisciplinary hospital wide simulation program.
I have a passion for education and the use of simulation to deliver this education.
I am currently a IPSS Board member (for the last 2 years) and have found this to be a fantastic experience. I am very keen to contribute more to the growth and development of Pediatric simulation thorough ongoing involvement with IPSS.

Visions and goals

IPSS now has an established role in the landscape of pediatrics and simulation.
My vision for IPSS is to
1/ Continue to lead the progression of simulation science and the dissemination of this knowledge
2/ To take a lead role in increasing the use of simulation in pediatrics worldwide
3/ To ensure that IPSS maintains a broad multidisciplinary approach
4/ Continue to deliver inspiring and enriching conferences, whilst making these as accessible as possible

Strengths and experience

I am energetic and professional person who is very keen to continue to assist with the development of IPSS and through IPSS – paediatric simulation worldwide.
I work very well in a collaborative manner.
I work in New Zealand and in the Pacific Islands delivering pediatric education which gives me a good understanding of working in a range of differently resourced environments and the challenges of developing simulation programs with few resources.
I have significant leadership and administrative experience including my current work on the Board of the New Zealand Association of Simulation in Healthcare and the Vice-President of Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS NZ). These roles also allow me to understand a wide simulation user perspective.
I have individual and institutional experience with simulation based program development, simulation based research and simulation based quality improvement.
I have been on the IPSS board for 2 years, I have a good understanding of IPSS functioning and I am very keen to build on this work further.


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