Monica Evans-Lombe

Executive Director
Monica Evans-Lombe, CMP

About Monica Evans-Lombe, CMP

I work directly with the the IPSS Boards of Directors and am responsible for day-to-day operational activities and the ultimate satisfaction of it’s members. I have over 17 years of association management experience, serving as Executive Director/Association Manager for multiple membership organizations. I have a depth of experience in providing a full range of client services including organizational management, board/leadership development, publishing, finance management, member services, fundraising, meeting & event management, public relations, marketing and communications.

I am passionate about the work I do. I love to problem solve and challenge not only myself but others to grow and push the boundaries. I am quick to embrace and adapt to change. I’m a big picture thinker who is all about the details.

I’ve worked in association management my entire career and have held every position you can think of from administrative assistant to data administrator, which has led to where I am today.


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