Tobias Everett

Tobias Everett, MD

About Tobias Everett

I am a UK-trained pediatric anesthesiologist working at SickKids, Toronto. I have been involved with IPSS for several years, initially through my leadership role of the Managing Emergencies in Pediatric Anesthesia (MEPA) international collaborative (now an IPSS affiliate), then subsequently through education and research collaborations conceived and nurtured through Society connections. I chaired IPSSW2017 and have served on the Board of Directors since. As such, as Secretary I would offer much-needed institutional memory and continuity with respect to Society direction and vision plus practical experience of annual meeting organization – both crucial in sustaining the expansion and prosperity of our Society of which we’re so proud.

IPSS membership spans a range of demographics, disciplines and contexts. I would like to see implementation of measures to encourage expansion of our membership in resource-poor environments and support for active participation in Society activities. Also, while representation from pediatric and neonatal disciplines is strong, we should continue to explore strategies for increasing involvement from peri-natal and obstetric practitioners. Finally, I strongly support the continued emphasis on interprofessionalism in Society membership commensurate with its fundamental importance in patient care. Through a diverse, far-reaching and active membership, special interest networks will grow, collaborations and inspirations will arise and the Society can continue to increase its prominence in medical education worldwide.


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