Tobias Everett

Tobias Everett, MD

About Tobias Everett

I am a British-trained pediatric anesthesiologist working for the last seven years at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto. I direct the simulation program for the Departments of Anesthesia at SickKids and the University of Toronto.

I have been involved with healthcare simulation for over a decade and with IPSS for seven of those years. In this time my clinical practice has migrated internationally as has my involvement with simulation such that I’ve now been involved with the design and implementation of simulation curricula on five continents. This has been mostly in the fields of anesthesia, interprofessional team training and general pediatrics but my research in simulation-based assessment has led to consultancy work on this topic in multiple jurisdictions. In 2015 I was the chair of IPSSW in Vancouver, Canada, and since then I’ve sat on the Board of Directors and subsequently was Secretary of the IPSS Executive Committee. As President of the Society in 2019, I will bring an institutional memory of all matters related to the society but also a first-hand insight and sensitivity to the diverse manifestations of healthcare simulation worldwide.

I’m a vocal advocate of the value of the interprofessional approach to healthcare and consequently I’m a strong proponent of interprofessional simulation and in-situ simulation. I would like to see the continued evolution of our society to include interprofessional representation at all levels, membership and leadership. Simulation should not be the preserve of well-off academic teaching hospitals. It’s value to practitioner development and onward downstream to improve patient outcome should be shared across borders, institution types,  disciplines and resource levels. IPSS facilitates that – it’s so much more than an annual conference! As President I will continue to seek opportunities for this expansion and diversification as well as supporting the sustained momentum generated by my predecessors who have invested much time and energy making our society what it is today.



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