IPSS has 8 committees to support its mission

1) IDAC – International Development and Advocacy

  • Performs necessary Public Affairs functions as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Facilitates international relations as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Coordinate the actions of the Society regarding official Position Statements
  • Serves as resource for requested speakers representing the Society, in addition to Continuing Education Committee, or as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • A member appointed by the Chair will serve as a liaison to any task force or other committee responsible for Affiliation Contracts or projects.

2) Affiliations Committee

  • Shall be responsible for all affiliations such as with other societies or professional organizations.
  • Shall review all affiliations and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • The committee shall assist the Board of Directors in negotiations for the establishment of affiliations and provide a continuous review of all aspects of existing affiliations.

3) Articles and Bylaws Committee

  • Makes recommendations of Bylaws changes to Board of Directors as needed
  • Makes an annual review and report to Board of Directors regarding full Bylaws review and any necessary changes.

4) Education Committee

  • Advises on and participates in development and evaluation of all educational courses, conferences and educational materials.
  • Applies to and maintains all accreditations.
  • Reviews and takes appropriate action regarding applications for CME and CE joint sponsorship.
  • Conducts membership educational needs surveys and recommends means to provide for identified needs
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

5) Membership Committee

  • Creates membership surveys, recognition and awards mechanisms as appropriate.
  • Recommends activities to promote membership.
  • Provides oversight and support for Affinity Groups and Special Interest Groups.
  • Chair serves on the Nominating Committee.

6) Nominating Committee

  • Composition. The nine (9) members of the Nominating Committee will be made up of the following:
  • Three members of the Board of Directors to include the president, the vice president and secretary (or other member of the Board of Directors).
  • Three individuals chosen jointly by the president, immediate past president and vice president from the committee chairs and vice- chairs to facilitate diversity of specialties.
  • The chairs of the membership and bylaws committees

7) Research Committee in conjunction with INSPIRE

  • Works collaboratively with existing research networks to establish consensus pediatric simulation research priorities, common simulation research terminology, and a common simulation research template.
  • Informs the membership on simulation research opportunities, including potential grants (with appropriate attention to potential conflicts of interest).
  • Recommends methods for the Society to recognize excellence and/or special needs pertaining to simulation-based research.
  • Promotes research, development and refinement of new simulation methods in the healthcare professions.
  • Creates system to facilitate mentorship of and nurture new and young investigators
  • Performs other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

8) WebCAM – Website, Communication and Marketing Committee

  • Development and maintenance of internet web site (www.ipssglobal.org).
  • Recommends and implements communication strategies to enhance access to Society resources, including membership expertise and digital information.
  • Develops and recommends all policies and materials pertaining to the marketing of the Society for the recruitment of membership, personnel and benefactors.
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