IPSS has the following committees to support the mission and work of the society.

We are currently seeking interested members to join our committees and help in this important work…turning passion into action. The committees’ work toward our goals not only supports the IPSS mission and vision but strengthens our community.

Please review the committee description sheets below as they indicate the need of each committee and help you find the right fit. If you are ready to volunteer or want to learn more about how to join an IPSS committee visit the Volunteer Opportunities page. Please email info@ipssglobal.org for committee inquires.

Affiliations Committee

Co-chairs: Taylor Sawyer, DO and Ellen Deutsch, MD

This committee works with staff to maintain relationships with other societies or professional organizations. The committee shall annually review current affiliations and make recommendations for new affiliates to Board of Directors, as needed. View committee description here.

Fellowship Committee

Co-chairs: Isabel Gross, MD, PhD, MPHJo Hegarty, MD, and Trish Wood, RN 

This committee shall oversee contributions to the IPSS-INSPIRE pediatric simulation fellowship program. This includes developing and maintaining processes for the selection of new fellows, oversight of their scholarly work, and assistance in professional growth.  The Chair is charged with the convening of a committee to assist in these activities and serving as a liaison to those members of the INSPIRE leadership involved with the fellowship program. View committee description here.

International Development & Advocacy Committee (IDAC)

Co-chairs: Rana Sharara-ChamiRebecca Gray

This committee shall facilitate international relationships maintaining the association’s global audience and participation. A member appointed by the Chair will serve as a liaison to any task force, committee or project as deemed necessary. View committee description here.

Leadership Cultivation & Nominations Committee

This committee shall solicit nominees for IPSS leadership positions from the voting membership and present a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The committee will also focus on identifying new talent and cultivate future leadership for the association, and embrace, value and champion the multi-faceted aspects of diversity as a core aspect of leadership cultivation, particularly as it relates to the nomination and election process. Committee is chaired by the President-Elect and committee members include the President, Secretary and the Chairs from the IDAC and Membership Committees.

Bylaws Committee

This committee shall perform a review of the association Bylaws every two years and provide recommended amendments of these Bylaws to Board of Directors, as needed. Committee is chaired by the Secretary.

Research Committee

This committee shall work with existing research networks to establish research priorities and projects for the association providing relevant comparative data and global perspective on issues that affect pediatric simulation. This function is currently being facilitated by the Board of Directors.

Education Committee

Co-chairs: David Eckhardt, PA-C, MS and Elaine Ng, MD, FRCPC, MSHPE

This committee shall advise on the broad education curriculum of IPSS and participate in development and evaluation of all educational courses, conferences and educational materials. The education committee has several sub-committees including, but not limited to: Webinars, Spring Symposium, MasterMind Series and the IPSS Blog. View committee description here.

Finance & Audit Committee

Co-chairs: Lillian Su, MD and Travis Whitfill, MPH, MACE

This committee shall provide financial reports, recommendations, and guidance to the Board of Directors. They are responsible for reviewing and authorizing internal and external financial audits as required by applicable laws or as otherwise deemed necessary to effectively provide oversight for the Society’s financial status and integrity. Committee is chaired by the Treasurer. View committee description here.

Website, Communications & Marketing (WebCAM)

Co-chairs: Mohammad BayoumiEdward Rovera, MS Ed, CHSE, CHSOS

This committee shall support staff by providing new and updated content for the web site and the INSIGHTS e-newsletter regarding pediatric simulation and related topics and features such as the Member Spotlight and publications listing. View committee description here.

Meeting Organizing (MOC) Committee

This committee acts to bring members and all interested individuals together for an annual conference, during which attendees discussed the role simulation plays to provide safe and effective care to sick children and infants, and the continued evolution and expansion of pediatric simulation across the globe. Committee members are responsible for the planning and execution of the annual event and are appointed by the President.

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for disseminating information on all aspects of membership in IPSS and promote the benefits of membership with individuals working in the field of pediatric simulation. Their work includes member analysis surveys and the review and reporting of demographics aiding in recruitment, retention and recognition of members.

Interested in joining a committee?

Please email info@ipssglobal.org  to learn more and for committee inquires.

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