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IPSS Fellowship in Simulation (IPSS FS)


IPSS Fellowship in Simulation (IPSS FS) is a program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to plan, implement, and report on research related to the use of simulation for training and education, quality improvement, patient safety and other related areas. IPSS FS is built on three pillars: Individualized mentoring, core curriculum, and networking opportunities.

The emphasis will be to:

  • Development of skills related to research in simulation.
  • Development of skills related to fostering of educational innovation.

Specific objectives

Upon completion of the Fellowship, the individuals will be able to:

  • Methodically and thoroughly access and review literature
  • Identify gaps and needs in educational delivery where the use of simulation may be an important adjunct
  • Develop a plan to evaluate the effectiveness of educational interventions
  • Disseminate their work to various audiences

Research specific objectives

  • Formulate original and testable research questions
  • Design a simulation research project using appropriate methodologies
  • Manage research processes (Ethics, research personnel, funding)
  • Organize presentation of completed research for peer-reviewed academic publications and/or conferences
  • Develop a network of simulation research colleagues
  • Write a grant proposal for seed funding
  • Develop a plan for a multi-year research program that builds on the research project

Fellowship Requirements

IPSS FS is designed as a 3-year curriculum, with specific milestones delivered once per year. Annually the Fellows are expected to:

Complete three, 2-hour pre-IPSSW IPSS FS Core Curriculum Workshops
Attend selected IPSSW presentations and workshops
Present project proposal, project and final reports at the IPSSIPSS FS Forum during IPSSW
Attend a minimum of 1 face-to-face meeting with the mentor during IPSS
Attend bi-monthly e-meetings with the mentor
Complete three IPSS FS Milestones (Project proposal, Mid-report, Final report suitable for peer-reviewed dissemination)
Attend 2 required IPSS FS Core Curriculum Webinars per year
Provide evidence for dissemination (e.g., submission for publication, policy etc.).

Who Should Apply?

Members of the IPSS

How do I Apply?

The Fellowship Program is in the final stage of development, news to follow soon.

If you are a simulation fellow and would like to be in contact with other sim fellows globally, please send an email to info@ipssglobal.org with your contact


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