It’s a new age for medical simulation, and for medical journals, too. We know that many IPSS members are involved in innovative research and are looking to publish their work. We also understand that when deciding to submit for publication, there are a multitude of factors that influence your decision on where to submit your work. The IPSS Cureus.com channel was developed specifically to allow IPSS members a medium through which they can publish their work in a cutting edge, free, peer-reviewed online journal.

Benefits of publication on the IPSS Cureus channel:


  • Peer review: All manuscripts submitted to the IPSS Cureus channel undergo peer-review, and specific feedback is provided to the author through an innovate and user-friendly author interface.
  • Copyright ownership: Unlike traditional print journals, and other online journal, authors retain the copyright to all works submitted to the IPSS Cureus channel. That means you still own your content.
  • Direct Author Feedback: Cureus provides a unique method for readers to post coments to articles they read. This is similar to a posting a comment to a Facebook post.
  • Social media interface: Authors who publish on the IPSS Cureus.com channel can easily link their publication to social media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Scholarly Impact Quotient (SIQ): Cureus believe that there is a better process for determining the “impact” of scientific publications than an Impact Factor given to a journal. Cureus embraces the intelligence of the community-at-large to judge article importance via a technique termed Scholarly Impact Quotient (SIQ). SIQ is grounded in crowd sourcing technology. SIQ uniquely benefits each reader, as it is the only system measuring the merit of individual scientific articles.


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