About our Webinar Series

The IPSS webinars are presented for the benefit of members of the International Pediatric Simulation Society. The goal of the webinar series is to promote learning, community and advancement of Pediatric Simulation.  The format for each webinar is a 20-30 minute didactic session, followed by a 20-30 minute discussion.  Start times vary to optimize international participation across the globe.

Upcoming Webinar – Hot Debrief: is it more than a conversation amongst peers?

23 July 2019 at 3:00 pm CST

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Presenters: Trish Wood, Jo Hegarty, Kerry Appleton and Suzanne Nelson

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Webinar Archives

The IPSS webinars are available for asynchronous viewing. We have recruited leading experts to lead sessions on a wide range of topics pertaining to Pediatric Simulation.

Operationalizing a simulation-based mastery learning (SBML) curriculum in a hospital-based setting

Presented by Brittany Dahlen and Dr. Samreen Vora on 30 April 2019

Getting to the root of the problem: Using simulation to analyze adverse events improves error discovery and generates better strategies for error prevention

Presented by Anna-Theresa Lobos on 14 March 2019

Simulation as a Tool for Teaching Obstetricians Neonatal Resuscitation

Presented by Christie J. Bruno on 25 April 2017

Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygen Simulation in Pediatrics:  Establishing the Current State & Defining the Path Ahead

Presented by Lindsay Johnston, Anne Ades, and Gary Oldenburg on 22 March 2016

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Turning your Everyday Activities into Scholarly Pursuits: Developing a Scholarly Roadmap

Presented by Nicole Shilkofski on 14 December 2015

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Is High Fidelity Simulation Necessary for Good Educational Outcomes?

Presented by Geoff Norman on 13 October 2015

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Using Learning Theory to Improve Debriefings

Presented by David Rodgers on 22 July 2014

How to build and Validate a Performance Assessment Scale

Presented by Denis Oriot 18 March 2013

Performing a Needs Assessment – It All Starts Here

Presented by Roberta Hales on 19 February 2014

How to do a systematic review in education

Presented by David Cook on 5 December 2013

Interprofessional Education

Presented by Kelly Kadlec on 11 November 2013

Faculty Development

Presented by Janice Leplatte and Pavan Zaveri on 8 October 2013

Needs Assessment in Simulation Based Education

Presented by Aaron Donoghue on 25 September 2013

Conducting a large scale multimodal simulation

Presented by Mark Cicero and Robert Pascucci on 25 July 2013

Technical and Non Technical Skills in Resuscitation

Presented by Taylor Sawyer on 14 March 2013

Graduate Crisis Resource Management Education

Presented by Christine Rachwal on 22 January 2013

Building a Pediatric Simulation Program – A Toolkit

Presented by Peter Weinstock on 11 December 2012

Diary of mistakes made in a simulation program

Presented by Margarita Burmester 0n 6 November 2012

Is this Simulation Based Medical Education Study Valid? (Part 1)

Presented by Martin Pusic on 12 September 2012

Is this Simulation Based Medical Education Study Valid? Part 2

Presented by Martin Pusic on 10 October 2012

Real children in simulation

Presented by Bukhard J Wermter on 7 August 2012

How many ways can you simulate?

Presented by Judy LeFLore on 1 June 2012

Using simulation based methods to answer clinically important questions

Presented by Lou Halamek on 25 May 2012

PALS on Demand

Presented by Akira Nishisaki on 2 May 2012

Scripted Debriefing for simulation based education

Presented by Adam Cheng on 4/19/2012


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