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Do you have an issue you want to discuss? Do you need the insight and expertise of fellow IPSS members? Visit the Community Center in the IPSS members only section of the members-only website. This is the place to post questions, announce projects and seek advice. Societies like ours work best when members engage!

We’ve recently added a great opportunity for IPSS members to get involved with an affiliated organization, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Simulation Collaborative. They have recently completed the first phase of a project designed to develop a consensus on content that must be taught using simulation in all EM residency programs and are now recruiting peer editors for the National PEM simulation. To learn more, view this post in the Community Center.


I am a UK-trained Neonatologist working in Starship NICU in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a member of the Douglas Starship Simulation faculty and lead the simulation programmer in NICU. My key simulation interests include education, communication and patient safety. I have been an active member of IPSS since 2011, member of the Education Committee since 2012, am a past Co-Chair of the Education Committee (2017-2018) and a current member of the Board of Directors. In collaboration with others, I established the IPSS-INSPIRE Fellowship in 2018 and am on the working group leading this initiative. My vision for IPSS is to continue to support collaborative knowledge sharing and research development in the pediatric and perinatal simulation community. My wish for IPSS is to see an increasing number of non-physician members and to support and develop the ability of those still at the early stage of simulation.





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