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International Pediatric Simulation Society membership contributes to a global voice supporting continued research, training and implementation of simulation-based pediatric care. Members help support our mission and future IPSSW meetings by demonstrating strong representation for our field, which enhances sponsorship and other means of support for our society.

Members make it all possible – please join us today!

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Receive the exclusive IPSSW member discount

Only IPSS members are able to receive a discounted rate on our yearly International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops registration fee – at a rate which more than covers the cost of membership. IPSSW is the largest event in the world specifically dedicated to advancing the use of simulation in pediatrics and attracts scientists, physicians, educators, trainers and luminaries from around the globe.

Online member portal

IPSS membership includes access to our membership database, connecting you with other members of the IPSS member community. Benefits of the online member portal include:

  • Member Directory – access to member contacts
  • Pediatric simulation events calendar – find information about relevant industry events
  • Community Forums – connect and communicate directly with members
  • Scenario Library – comprised of published neonatal and pediatric scenarios from Mededportal

Leadership opportunities

IPSS provides numerous opportunities for members to serve on committees and in Board positions, adding to your list of professional and philanthropic credentials, all while advancing support for our field. Opportunities include:

  • Committee leadership
  • Board positions
  • International representation

IPSS Annual Membership Structure

  • USD$150
  • JOIN
  • USD$85
  • JOIN
  • USD$45
  • JOIN

Low/Middle Income Memberships

IPSS is committed to ensuring that membership is affordable to all. We are pleased to offer professionals who are working in low or lower-middle income countries a FREE membership; and a fee of $65 to those in upper-middle income countries.

This ‘two tier’ structure uses the World Bank classification of low, lower-middle and upper-middle countries based on the Gross National Income (GNI) per capita and calculated using the World Bank Atlas method.

Physician Developing Country 
Nurse/Allied Health Developing Country 

FREE – Low income: countries with a GNI per capita of $1,045 or less
FREE – Lower-middle income: countries with a GNI per capita of $1,046 to $4,125

Physician Developing Country
Nurse/Allied Health Developing Country 

$65 – Upper-middle income: countries with a GNI per capital of $4,126 to $12,735

For answers to further questions or information regarding membership and volunteer opportunities, contact us at info@ipssglobal.org.


I am a UK-trained Neonatologist working in Starship NICU in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a member of the Douglas Starship Simulation faculty and lead the simulation programmer in NICU. My key simulation interests include education, communication and patient safety. I have been an active member of IPSS since 2011, member of the Education Committee since 2012, am a past Co-Chair of the Education Committee (2017-2018) and a current member of the Board of Directors. In collaboration with others, I established the IPSS-INSPIRE Fellowship in 2018 and am on the working group leading this initiative. My vision for IPSS is to continue to support collaborative knowledge sharing and research development in the pediatric and perinatal simulation community. My wish for IPSS is to see an increasing number of non-physician members and to support and develop the ability of those still at the early stage of simulation.





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