Membership benefits

Why should I join IPSS?

You will be breaking ground in building a growing community of pediatric simulation specialists worldwide and contributing directly to a global voice.

Your membership will help to support future IPSSW meetings by demonstrating strong representation enhancing sponsorship and other support for our field.

Membership benefits will include website access connecting you to a network of IPSSW presenters, sponsors, networks, affiliated societies, pediatric simulation resources, literature and discounts on future meetings registrations and activities.

Join or Renew Now

You can renew your membership or become a new member whilst onsite at the 10th International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops or please contact us at info@ipssglobal.org.

IPSS will serve as the “constant” between meetings

  • Networking
  • Website
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Resource/Expertise Sharing
  • Efficiency of exchange and growth
  • Designing future IPSSW Meetings

How much is membership, and how do I join?

The IPSS Founding Board cordially invites you to join with colleagues from around the world as an inaugural IPSS Society Member.

See the Member Join page for details regarding Membership Fees

Membership Benefits include:

  • Full Website Access
  • IPSSW Discounts
  • Facilitated Networking Capabilities
  • Support/Advocacy of Pediatric Simulation on a Global Scale

What kind of help is needed to grow IPSS?

All kinds!!
Committee leadership, international representation, assistance with future meetings, web site expertise…
Sign up and express your interest in building a strong, successful and useful pediatric simulation society!
We are on our way!


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